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    How to Select Generals in Grand Battle Game

    As a commander in Grand Battle, you can order the troops and apply different weapons at will. What’s more, when you have upgraded to a certain level, a group of generals are under your commander....
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    How to use Storm Card:---Kill enemies in Grand...

    How to use Storm Card:---Kill enemies in Grand Battle!!

    Hello, GB commander! Since Grand Battle is always full of surprises, you may have many opportunities to gain props and cards to defeat more...
  3. Grand Battle and Grand Battle Fans

    Hi, there. Since the official release of Grand Battle on Google Play, it has been appreciated by an increasing number of game players. They have different nationalities and speak different languages;...
  4. Grand Battle, Trick or Treat! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

    Halloween! All Saints’ Day!

    Peng! Peng! There comes the knock on the door! Grand Battle, Trick or Treat! Of course, Grand Battle will never let you down. Some big surprises will be presented to a...
  5. [Breaking News] Grand Battle Base Contest

    Hello, everyone. Here is the breaking news for grand battle fans. The long-expected Grand Battle base contest is officially live in the Facebook homepage. If you have an awesome Grand Battle base and...
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    How to use High-level Recruit Card?

    Hi, there. Some grand battle fans have got a problem about how to use the high-lv card in grand battle game. If you have a High-lv Recruit Card in your bag, but don’t know how to use it, please...
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    You are welcome! And hope you and your BF can...

    You are welcome! And hope you and your BF can enjoy this game.:)
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    [Free Game] [Android] Grand Battle FAQ

    Hi, guys and gals. Since Grand Battle has been updated to version 6.0, more and more game lovers are becoming Grand Battle fans. They share game experience with each other and also compete with each...
  9. [Free] [Game] Welcome to New Grand Battle,...

    [Free] [Game] Welcome to New Grand Battle, Version 6.0.

    Hi, there! Here is the good news for game players. The supercharged strategy game Grand Battle for Android has been updated to Version 6.0....
  10. [Free] Grand Battle Quick Start Guide for Beginners

    Grand Battle quick start guide:

    1. Metal, oil and electric power is the infrastructure in Grand Battle among which electric power is the key to maintain resources.
    2. Newbies should not rush to...
  11. You are welcome. Very glad that you love it!:)

    You are welcome. Very glad that you love it!:)
  12. Grand Battle—Epic Strategy Game

    hi, there. Here is a good news! For the next few days, I will keep updating useful information about Grand Battle, including some start guides for the beginners and games strategies. Hope you can...
  13. [Free Game] [5.7.4] Grand Battle ! I came; I saw, I conquered!!!

    Hey, guys and gals, do you want to experience what Caesar has experienced? Do you want to feel the excitement of “I came, I saw and I conquered”? Grand Battle will help you to realize your dream. ...
  14. [Grand Battle, free for Android] War is coming; Do not just sit by!

    Hey! Are you a thrill-seeker? Here is an awesome war game named 【Grand Battle】 with a supercharged military strategy and endless war equipment, which can surely meet your demand!
    - World War Ⅱ...
  15. [FREE][Android][Game] Grand Battle, love it ^o^

    Hey! Guys and Gals, I’d like to introduce you a fantastic android war game
    It inherits the classic element of a visual military base. All the army constructions, aircrafts,...
  16. [New][Game][Android] “Arab Defender”—Back devils, no cowards!

    To defense the Continent of Ashan with magic towers!
    With Magnificent and animated visual effects, 3D high quality models rendering vivid devil images and dynamic, dazzling skills, “Arab Defender”...
  17. [Free War Game] Experience the World War Ⅱ! Free Download for Android!!!

    Hey, guys!
    Have you ever heard of “Grand Battle”?
    Do you want to personally experience the World War Ⅱ? Do you want to feel the excitement of being a Commander? “Grand Battle” can surely make your...
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    [Free Game] Arab Defender for Android

    Here I’d like to share a piece of good news. The new epic masterpiece “Arab Defender” has made its debut! It is a game with Gorgeous and lovely scenes, dynamic and dazzling skill effects, smooth and...
  19. Thank you!:)

    Thank you!:)
  20. [FREE][GAME] Grand Battle Version 5.7.4 for Android

    Grand Battle is a supercharged military strategy game with lifelike scene, real battle forces of the modern world, such as Thunderbolt, Wing Drones and Rapter and various military forces. In the...
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