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    10 expert tips for a healthy start to the back-to-school season

    We are only a few days away from going back to school, and the start of a new school year. To spread the spirit of joy in the hearts of our sons and daughters, going back to school again is a transitional stage that transfers our children from comfort and lack of order to fatigue and responsibility, as our children are divided into two different teams, one is an eager and happy supporter and the other is a fearful and sad opponent.

    Among the most important fears that occupy our children’s minds are sleeping and waking up early, getting dressed quickly in the morning, entering a new school, moving from one school to another and losing their old classmates, or perhaps their biggest fear of difficulty adapting to solving homework and homework after a long and comfortable summer.

    In order to reduce the tension on children during the back-to-school season, there are some guidelines recommended by specialists to facilitate the return of our children to schools and welcome them with open arms.
    Prepare your child psychologically and morally for returning to school, especially if this is the first time he enters school. . Read more in Is my child ready for school? Learn more tips from Lamsa.
    Get your child to sleep early at least two weeks before school starts, so that he gets used to a new daily routine full of activity and vitality without complaining or crying.
    Take your child to the market while buying stationery, and share the choice with him; To encourage him and increase his enthusiasm to go to school.
    Unique back-to-school essentials

    Help your children organize their time and develop a study plan for studying and distributing the hours of study and play, in this way your child will enter his new year with confidence and ease. For more study tips, check out the magic formula for high grades in school without staying up late on exam days

    Prepare a quiet, private corner for your child to study, away from places of fun and games, and let him participate in choosing and arranging its colors. This pushes your child and motivates him more to study, and you can also install a shelf on the wall for your child to describe books in an orderly and coordinated manner.
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    Moving your child from one school to another is not an easy thing for the child at all, and the child may consider it one of the most difficult stages of his life, as the child is distracted and feels great fear in the first period of the transition. To reduce the impact of moving on your children, it is preferable to visit the new school with your children a few days before returning, to get to know it more and to have a broader background about the shape of the school, the places of play, the classroom, the school’s entrance and exit, etc., so that he does not feel lost on the first day or isolated from others.
    . Communicate with your children's teachers and talk to them in front of them, as this leaves a positive impact on the child's psyche, and relieves tension, especially in the first period of school.
    Choose comfortable backpacks so that your child will not be alienated from them from the beginning, and avoid placing heavy items inside them while maintaining a light weight commensurate with the age and size of your child so as not to cause him health problems in the long run.
    Always remind your child of safety and security standards when entering or exiting the bus, and to stay away from it and to listen to the instructions of his teacher or bus supervisor, and not to push his classmates or race to get into or out of the bus quickly.
    Is your child avoiding school? Read more about causes and solutions

    Be careful not to neglect the importance of communicating with the educational staff and visiting them from time to time, as this will give you a documented report on your child's academic level and educational behavior and evaluate it if necessary. It also helps alleviate and resolve your child's problems

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