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    Everything You Need to Know About OPMS Gold Kratom Capsules

    OPMS is one of the longest-standing brands in the Kratom industry. If youíre a Kratom aficionado, youíve likely heard of the name. In case you havenít; OPMS stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. As the name suggests, their sole focus lies in bringing the most potent form of Kratom to the mainstream market through their signature Kratom Extract product line.

    Among their most renowned Kratom products are the OPMS Gold Capsules. This read tackles everything there is to know about the OPMS Gold Extract Kratom Capsules; what their ingredients are, how they are made, whether these are right for you, and where you can get your hands on them.

    What Is OPMS Kratom?

    The brand OPMS came into being back in 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. Ever since its inception, OPMS has been leading the Kava and Kratom extract industry with its revolutionary extraction method that yields premium-quality material. The company provides a wide array of Kratom strains, primarily offering its products to other vendors to sell both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.
    As of late, the internet has been flooded with talks about their Black, Gold, and Silver Kratom Extract Capsules. The reviews are somewhat mixed, but the brand has a predominantly positive stance among Kratom lovers, particularly, for its potency and easy-consumption form.

    How Are OPMS Gold Capsules Made?

    The OPMS Gold Capsules have become somewhat of a hype because they utilize a rather large dose of Mitragyna Speciosa ó Kratom ó in the form of an all-natural, non-GMO pill. But what makes these capsules truly stand out is OPMSís unique extraction method that utilizes cold water and high pressure to create a powerful Kratom extract. The brand utilizes medically certified distilled water, subjecting the Kratom leaves to high-pressure, cold-water diffusion. This patented process produces a full-spectrum Kratom extract.

    OPMSís cold-water extraction method allows a higher volume of alkaloids to be secured, preserving the integrity of the natural herb. OPMS Kratom retains roughly 95% of the plantís alkaloid content. In comparison, most other companies use hot water or alcohol solvents to obtain Kratom extract from the plant, often delivering an inferior product.

    What Is in These Capsules?

    Letís talk about whatís in the OPMS Gold Kratom Capsules. Each Gold capsule is 200 mg, containing a 50:1 potency ratio of 100% Organic Mitragyna Speciosa extract Kratom powder. This extract has been derived from the ever-popular Maeng Da Kratom; a highly concentrated vein. Each capsule utilizes 42% Mitragynine content (84 mg) and less than 0.005% of 7-OH content ó thatís under 0.01 mg per capsule.

    In case these terms are new to you, the Kratom plant has a major active alkaloid called Mitragynine and a minor active alkaloid called 7-Hydroxymitragynine; often shortened to 7-OH. To give you a sense of the potency of these two alkaloids, 7-OH is four times stronger than Mitragynine and the latter is 13 times more potent than morphine. However, the amounts of Mitragynine and 7-OH used in the OPMS Gold Capsules are completely safe for consumption.

    In case youíre new to the Kratom game, you must be wondering why Kratom Extract is used instead of regular Kratom Powder in most OPMS Kratom products. Well, in the Kratom Extract vs Powder game, the former provides around 20 times more potency. In the case of OPMS Gold capsules, the potency is 50 times that of the powder used. This is the reason that Kratom extracts are highly in demand ó when youíre a seasoned Kratom user in need of a strong kick to deliver the full spectrum of effects of Kratom, youíll want to go for the extract.

    How Much Will OPMS Gold Capsules Cost Me?

    The OPMS Gold Capsules come in 3 different packs of 2, 3, and 5 counts. You can purchase the 2-capsule pack for roughly $20, the 3-capsule pack for around $26, while the 5-count pack will cost you upwards of $40 at My Kratom Club. These prices might seem high given the pill count, but, taking into account their sophisticated Kratom extraction process, theyíre perfectly justified.

    Are These Capsules Right for Me?

    These capsules are created using a highly potent strain of Maeng Da which is known for its effectiveness against anxiety and physical pain. The OPMS Gold Kratom Capsules are amazing for helping you kickstart your day with a clean energy boost while enhancing your mood. So, if youíre looking for something to help keep you upbeat and active throughout your day while maintaining your sense of focus, then the OPMS Gold Capsules are perfect for you!

    Be warned though, these capsules are not suitable for beginners as they are far too potent. Your body needs to get used to Kratom first. You can move on to these capsules after you gradually build up your Kratom tolerance level.

    Aside from general guidelines, OPMS Gold Capsules do come with a warning label that suggests itís only suitable for people of legal age. The label also prohibits pregnant women, or those planning to get pregnant, and breastfeeding mothers from using this product.

    Where Can I Buy These Capsules?

    You can find OPMS Kratom products for sale in abundance in different headshops, dedicated Kratom stores, smoke shops, and gas stations. However, such widespread availability has led Kratom veterans to question the authenticity of the brand as many fake OPMS products have come into play before. So, itís your responsibility to check what youíre buying; make sure the price tag is not too low compared to the market rates and always go for reputable vendors. Moreover, these capsules come in their special gold packs. So, never trust any vendor that would sell you these capsules in loose form, even if they have the signature three-leaf OPMS logo on them.


    OPMS is among the very few Kratom companies out there that provide the strongest Kratom Extracts around. Youíll find that their Gold Kratom Extract Capsules are just perfect in their level of Mitragynine and 7-OH content; just midway between their Black and Silver capsules. The well-rounded effects that they deliver are sure to keep you coming back for more!


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