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    Water leakage ruins the wall paint colors in your home

    Water leakage ruins the wall paint colors in your home
    The first thing that the housewife notices after being exposed to the problem of water leakage is that the colors of the paint have started to change color and become very dull or tend to yellow. Immediately the housewife must look for the reason that led to this. Sometimes the children mess with the walls of the house using some colors or pens The mother is forced to clean the walls with water and does not know the extent of the damage caused by this behavior on the colors of the paints, and sometimes the cause is internal, such as the explosion of a water pipe or the exposure of the walls to extreme humidity, especially in the winter, so it is necessary to distinguish well between the nature of the reasons that led to the corruption of wall paint your home before doing a paint repair.

    Water leakage causes cracks in the walls of the house
    The second serious problem caused by water leaks is the appearance of cracks or cracks in the walls of the house, and this means that the house has become at risk and the search for a solution to the problem has become a must, because the appearance of cracks means that the wall has been facing the problem of water leakage for a long time and must immediately address the search for the reasons that This led to this, and the leakage is mostly hidden and resulting from the accumulation of rain water for several years inside the walls or as a result of water extensions resulting from sewage networks and water leakage from tanks with openings or outlets that allow water to reach inside the walls and modern machines are working today to reveal the location and reason Leakage must be used.

    Water leakage leads to the appearance of mold Water leakage leads to the appearance of mold
    Water leakage causes mold to appear on the walls of the house
    Many women notice the accumulation of mold in separate places of the walls of the walls and can be easily identified when it appears in the house, as it appears in greenish-black color and appears in all seasons of the year, but it accumulates more in the winter. The lack of sunlight in the house from time to time, and there is no doubt that the appearance of mold in the walls greatly affects the decor of the house, but it also causes serious health problems such as allergic rhinitis and the accompanying immune deficiency and frequent headaches, in addition to shortness of breath and poor mobility. The problem is using “sporicide”, which is the active substance that is used to stop the growth of mold. Some specialized companies can also be used to get rid of the accumulation of mold, but you should refrain from using household mixtures because they exacerbate the problem and damage the walls further.

    Water leakage causes the walls of the house to collapse
    The last stage of water leakage is the fall of the foundation of the house, such as the fall of the walls of the walls and the walls of the ceilings, including concrete materials, cement, etc. and other home holdings. Immediately, you must contact the Afdal company to help you overcome this problem. We have workers specialized in addressing all water leakage problems. We do all home repairs and offer huge offers that are unique to competitors.
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