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Thread: Twitter uses

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    Twitter uses

    Twitter Definition
    Twitter (in English: Twitter) is a social networking site that allows users to exchange ideas, links, photos, and videos, and also displays various news from anywhere in the world, as each Twitter post is called a Tweet.

    It can contain a picture, video, or words, and it is worth noting that you need to have an email in addition to an Internet connection to register on Twitter

    Twitter history
    Twitter was programmed using a language called Ruby in 2006 by Evan Williams and Biz Stone. Initially, Twitter was a free SMS program.

    At its inception, Twitter lacked revenue that could be collected from advertising or membership fees, but in 2009 it was noted that the number of visitors increased by 1,300%, and in 2010 the Promoted Tweets service was added, which are ads that will appear in the results Research to become the main source of revenue for Twitter

    Twitter uses
    Writing tweets: Twitter users can write and publish tweets, which can have up to 280 characters, and up to 4 photos can be added in addition to videos and animations, and users can delete tweets after writing them.

    Retweet: Twitter users can use the retweet or retweet icon, a feature that enables users to publish other people's tweets and add their comments on them, and retweets can be deleted and canceled when needed.

    Follow people: Twitter users can follow the people who are important to them and follow all updates related to them. Search: Twitter users can search for tweets from friends, celebrities or political leaders by searching for keywords or hashtags, and search results can be controlled and filtered to ensure that they are free of sensitive content.

    Direct messages: A private message can be sent directly to people who follow on Twitter, as direct messages can only be received from followers, however this option can be changed through the settings

    By ticking an option box: (Receive Direct Messages from anyone), where a message of up to 1000 characters can be sent for each message. Report a violation: Someone can post personal information about others, such as: personal phone number, home address, and credit card information

    If there is a desire to remove it, the administration of the Twitter site must be reviewed, and the laws and policy of Twitter can be violated, in which case a report is submitted to the administration for investigation, as the account will be temporarily closed until that information is removed.

    Trend: The trend in Twitter can be defined as a popular topic and circulating in discussions at a particular time on Twitter. The trend may be a specific word, name or phrase preceded by the hashtag symbol (#), and each geographical region has its own trend

    When you click on a specific trend, the search results related to that word or phrase will appear, as the search includes all the tweets that included that trend, and the trend determines several factors: the userís interests, the people he follows and his geographical location, so the user will be able to follow global and local news and events through the trend. .

    Hashtag: The hashtag is written using the symbol (#), which is used to index keywords, thus making it easier to appear in search results, allowing people to follow topics that are important to them, and when they click on that hashtag, all tweets containing that hashtag appear.

    Why is Twitter famous?
    Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms because it is easy to use and browse, as all tweets or posts are short and their number does not exceed 280 characters, which makes reading them easy and fast, and this also forces the tweeter to make his tweet short, meaningful and meaningful

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