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    How to create a forum

    Forum: It is a place where people gather to talk and consult among themselves, and (electronic forum): is a website that is concerned with people gathering on it, in order to discuss a group of different topics, and members of the forum participate in dialogue and express opinions.

    استضافة مواقع

    The emergence of forums contributed to the existence of a means of communication between people through the Internet, as it provided many matters and information of interest to people, such as medical, sports, literary and artistic information, to form part of their daily life, and forums witnessed an evolution in design and content, but with The emergence of social networking sites, and their spread among people, the number of users of forums decreased, due to the capabilities provided by these sites, from sharing photos and videos with others, to various other applications, so the forum organizers try to find solutions and ways to continuously develop them.

    How to create a forum
    It is easy to work on creating a forum, by following the following steps: Naming the forum: It is important before working on creating a forum, choosing a name for it, so that the name communicates simple information about the nature of the forum, and its name must match its content, i.e. in the event that a forum is created about The Arabic language, you must choose a name that indicates this, and if the forum content consists of several topics, you must choose an appropriate name for that. Creating a design for forum pages: The design of forum pages, especially the home page, is a way to attract people to it, so the more appropriate the design, the more it contributes to the increase in the number of forum participants,

    There are two ways of designing: The first is for the forum owner to design it, and make all its pages, sections, contents, and navigation links in it. The second: the use of a web designer, who is based on creating a design for the forum, and keeps it attractive and distinctive. Obtaining a web hosting: Web hosting means having an electronic link, and a stored space for the site, such as: (www.000000.com), and it is possible to obtain an electronic link for the forum in two ways: First: Obtaining a free electronic link, so you provide some sites Hosting for forums is free of charge, and you are only required to add the hosting site extension, i.e. the name of the site sometimes, linked with the forum name, or the end of the electronic link such as: (com, .net.)

    خدمات تصميم المواقع

    It is also possible for the hosting to take place without any conditions mentioned, and free hosting sites provide options that help in making the two previous steps of creating the forum, as they contain ready-made designs for the forum that enable the owner to choose the design that he finds suitable. The second: Buying an electronic link on the Internet, this method helps to obtain an electronic link for the forum

    By paying for it, to one of the companies that provides the feature of selling links, and which also provides a website design service, and deliver it ready with an electronic link chosen by its owner, according to a specific cost agreed upon in advance. Marketing the forum and attracting users: It is necessary to work on marketing the forum in order to attract users, it is possible to buy spaces for advertisements within other websites, or through advertising exchanges between the forum and other forums, in order to obtain the largest possible number of interactive and active users, Which contributes to the spread of the forum better.


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