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    Question hi i am a totally new user of my tablet and a totally new user on this board

    hi i am a totally new user of my tablet and a totally new user on this board
    I found out about this place on the subreddit for it, by another user over there.

    Here was my subreddit post about this topic:

    I was sent to this board by a user over there named u/thefanum

    I bought a used, cheap ($50) Acer A200 Iconia Tablet. I want to know what my other OS options for it, are? The factory defaults are ... so unbearably slow

    What are my options as far as how i can either upgrade this to the latest Android software (not really what i want) or better, to maybe if i have to) root it, and install a better form of some kind of distro of Linux into it? I don't even know what distro is best for it, but i am sure that might depend most on how much memory i have on board the tablet, correct?

    I think, internally, the tablet has 13 GB of storage... of some kind of nonvolatile RAM?
    I also have a 32GB SD card inserted into it for a total of 32 GB (of which i have 29 available)

    The only thing i do not know is how much volatile RAM it has for running apps. I guess it runs on an nVidia Tegra CPU so i do not know what support there is out there, in Linux, for that kind of hardware?

    I am considering all of this because ALMOST NONE of the apps on Google Play will run on my OLD (from 2012) tablet any more. And I'd rather keep up with a more or fuller app base like say, in Debian or Ubuntu repos, if i ever could?

    I do not think it is possible for me to upgrade my device any further with Android "ice cream" etc etc... ? I am not really sure there though. Right now i feel or seem stuck at Android version 4.0.3, using Kernel

    What distros of Linux or other OSes can i possibly put on this tablet instead, where i can have FASTER RESPONSE TIME (because right now, with factory defaults and such, it is abysmally slow!!! and what i really want more of, is as i said, faster response time -- key for what i really want), and, a wider app base? Thanks.

    Every time i try to update the tablet OS, it says my network coverage is poor and it never works. I am not even 15 feet from my wireless router??? Otherwise the internet seems to work fine but the access is a bit spotty - i do not know how to fix this?

    [someone told me about LineageOS but my tablet is not supported? the page i saw said that only an A700 works and not my A200 that i have to do some other kind of ROM called OmniROM 4.4 Kitkat or something like that?

    [ROM][A200] OmniROM KitKat 4.4.2

    I have also been doing a little reading on this other forum post too:

    ... and while i am totally smart when it comes to PCs, i am horribly dumb when it comes to cell phones and tablets and i honestly do not know what i am doing or how to do any of what that page says, and i am struggling with how to follow the dirextions. i am afraid of bricking my unit or flashing / updating with the wrong file, if i do something badly wrong
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