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    New Apple 'Camera' Patent Will Allow Remote Shutdown of Your Phone or its Features

    There is an incendiary topic starting to heat up the web right now. Apparently Apple filed a new patent that would ultimately allow them or another third party to remotely deactivate/activate your phone or even just specific features of the phone. The patent is disguised as a way to remotely deactivate your camera at concerts or other venues where someone could potentially record copyrighted material illegally.

    However, the patent is much broader in scope and functionality than just that. Based upon the way it is worded, it would actually allow any third party, like a governmental agency or a corporation to remotely control your phone. In fact, specific wireless "zone hotspots" could be created in which your device automatically has certain functions shutdown when you enter that area. The implications of this patent and the potential misuse of it are staggering.

    The video above goes into a bit better detail explaining it. Here is what the patent itself states,

    Apparatus and methods for changing one or more functional or operational aspects of a wireless device, such as upon the occurrence of a certain event. In one embodiment, the event comprises detecting that the wireless device is within range of one or more other devices. In another variant, the event comprises the wireless device associating with a certain access point. In this manner, various aspects of device functionality may be enabled or restricted (device “policies”). This policy enforcement capability is useful for a variety of reasons, including for example to disable noise and/or light emanating from wireless devices (such as at a movie theater), for preventing wireless devices from communicating with other wireless devices (such as in academic settings), and for forcing certain electronic devices to enter “sleep mode” when entering a sensitive area.
    As you can see, the patent tries to sound quite harmless, but it's not too much of a stretch to envision virtual blackout areas and a dystopian future. Of course, the intent may not be nefarious, but we thought the information was worth sharing with you so that we could hear your perspective.

    Thanks to our tipster, G-Man!

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    I have two things to say about this ! One I am glad I do not have any Apple products and two If they start doing this kind of thing all of hell will break loose !

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    It is a bit like atomic physics, there are good uses and bad, very bad uses. It would require an act of law to make all phones have this feature to be effective, else who would buy such a phone? Must dent its market if there are alternatives. Then again it is only software, it can be cracked.
    Remember the outcry when it was revealed that iPhones tracked and remembered its movement? Apple have history of coming up with and implementing intrusive ideas. One reason why I won't buy Apple products, even if they are pretty. I don't like their attitude.
    At least Google ask up front if you want to turn tracking on and allow you to use it and you can turn it off easily.


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