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    how to make your child love school

    1. Talk to “Starting high school means change for your child and all changes come with fear,” says Sheila O'Malley of practicalparenting.ie. She recommends talking about it in advance. “Sit down with your child before the big day and talk step by step about what will happen.” It will also help you talk about the fears that you yourself had as a child and the obstacles you faced in the same situation.تحضير وحدة رياض الأطفال

    Explain to your child how he or she has overcome these challenges. Mother and son washing dishes in the kitchen
    2. Maintain a relaxed attitude Children reflect the attitudes of their parents and an anxious parent carries a fearful child. “Try to develop a relaxed, positive attitude towards the start of high school that your child adopts,” says Sheila O'Malley. “For example, talk positively about it and emphasize that it will be a fun and entertaining experience.”
    3 Get the right school equipment psychologically, a child will feel better at school if he has the necessary books, stationery and sports equipment and wears the right uniform. So make sure you've purchased the entire kit before September وحدات رياض الاطفال

    1-4. Promoting Independence “Many parents now do almost everything for their children, so they feel helpless when they are alone in difficult situations,” says Sheila O'Malley. He recommends encouraging your child to be responsible and stand up for himself.فصل افتراضي وحدة اصدقائي

    Instead of preparing their school lunches for them, maybe you could teach them how to do it yourself? Do you teach them how to find their own way to get there instead of taking them to school? Anything that promotes independence will benefit them in the long run.
    Building Trust A self-confident child is capable and the best way to build trust in a child is by promoting his or her esteem. “Instead of trying to fight for them and being too involved in their lives, tell them, 'I believe in you' and 'I trust you. ' “This way, you teach them to handle situations of what they need to do in high school on their own.”


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