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    House cleaning rules and basics

    House cleaning rules and basics
    Always clean the house (especially walls, curtains, or furniture) from the top before then from the bottom, so you don't need to repeat previous cleaning chores.
    Use detergents in particular to treat various stains such as:
    Detergents for stains that contain grease (such as ketchup or oily food stains), detergents with stubborn dyes (such as coffee, tea, nail polish, etc.) Stain according to the type of spot so that the spot can be treated as quickly as possible, so that the spot does not rejuvenate its roots.
    You can use this wonderful mixture to remove grease and fat stains (a certain amount of potassium salt or caustic soda + a certain amount of chlorine + a certain amount of water), and use a face mask to protect you from the smoke rising during the preparation of these mixtures, you can use it to clean grease stains, ketchup and existing foods On kitchen ceramics, carpets, sofas, and rugs, as well as fat stains that can be found on clothes
    You can use an enzymatic cleaner to clean blood, sweat and urine stains on carpets, clothes and mattresses (add lemon peel, a small amount of sugar and a small amount of yeast to a small amount of warm water) and shake well until the sugar and yeast dissolve in the water. Leave it for two weeks before filtering, because this cleaner contains It contains fermenting bacteria that can help dissolve organic matter in clothes, mattresses and carpets.
    Home cleaning essentials

    Carpets need to be cleaned twice a year and deeply cleaned to remove dirt, dust and stains, provided that the stains are treated as quickly as possible and do not delay cleaning, and can be exposed to sunlight after cleaning to protect them from water, odor and the effect of scab and decay.

    Cleaning the board and sofa is one of the basics of cleaning the house
    Cleaning the boards and sofas is one of the basics in cleaning the house, we should not ignore it. Once stains appear, clean them and prevent their accumulation. In addition to being one of the basic knowledge in cleaning the house, it is also the home of the owner of the house. We welcome visitors and guests.
    You can use it in places where the nearest home cleaning company in Riyadh performs various cleaning tasks, as the company provides comprehensive cleaning services such as cleaning external walls, cleaning sofas, boards, and stubborn stains on rugs and carpets, which are difficult for housewives to deal with. This kind of thing can take a lot of effort
    Make sure the cleaning tools are clean, because they say that the missing thing does not give it, so cleaning tools are one of the basic conditions for cleaning the house, such as kitchen towels and dish washing sponges
    Tips on the basics of cleaning the house

    Make sure to ventilate and allow sunlight into the room, because it is beneficial for the health of family members, as it can be used to repel insects in the house, and it can also be used to eliminate unpleasant odors in the family and repel negative energy.
    Garbage disposal is one of the most important basics of cleaning the house and how to be quick in cleaning the house, as the garbage must be disposed of immediately and daily to prevent unpleasant odors and prevent attracting insects, which cause the spread of many diseases.
    Put the big box to put your child's toys and store them in the child's room, and put them back when the child runs out to put them in their place.
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