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    Detection of water leaks

    Detection of water leaks
    Water leaks: a problem that occurs in water connections, caused by water pipes, sewage or sewage pipes, and occurs due to water mixers, faucets, and water devices such as the heater, as the problem of water leaks leads to defects and damage to pipes, cracks in walls and differences in floors.

    Types of water leaks
    1- Hidden water leaks: they are leaks that start in the water connections and pipes inside and do not know them except with time.These leaks cannot be easily detected and lead to many dangers in construction, but electronic devices have appeared to detect hidden water leaks.

    2- Visible water leaks: These leaks are known and lead to the occurrence of an ambiguous sound. They are present in water mixers and can be easily maintained and known, as they are visible and can be easily identified. كشف تسربات المياة بالقطيف

    - Damage to water leaks: - Corrosion in the main structure of the building and the occurrence of cracks in the walls and deformations in the paint.

    - Short circuit and damage to electrical appliances due to moisture in the walls and water

    Differences in floors, whether for ceramics, tiles, and marble

    - The water bill is very high. Read also: Water leakage detection

    - Damage to the columns of the house and sewage pipes and eat in all parts of the house and reach the wood and furniture with time.

    The importance of insulation: Insulation is of great importance, as it is the only motive to protect the house and the building from water leaks, as it is the only one that prevents all this and saves you from the problem of water leaks, as it draws moisture, including types of “reservoir insulation, water insulation”, as it preserves the building from the many rains and torrents, and maintains On water leaks from swimming pools, if you have a villa and owns swimming pools, it is the most common factor for water leaks, but the "waterproofing" is intended for water leaks. كشف تسربات المياة بالظهران

    The danger of water leaks is one of the risks that we want you to address because its problems are large and cannot be eliminated easily: -

    Sewage water contains many unhygienic, effective and harmful compounds, and it can lead to the demolition of the building in a short period

    The spread of insects that multiply in homes that come from moisture and water, which cause risks and diseases

    - The occurrence of diseases such as "asthma, lung problems, respiratory system" from odors caused by humidity and water leaks

    Problems with sanitation installations and problems with the soil, as ground water leads to poisoning and death of crops and poisoning of crops for farmers.

    Erosion and damage to buildings and soil كشف تسربات المياة بالاحساء

    - The appearance of mold odors in the building, which reach homes, on which disease-carrying insects that cause death.

    The water leaked from the bathroom
    One of the most common problems that many suffer from is water leaks in the bathrooms. Bathrooms start to leak water. They have many causes during plumbing, damage to the water mixers, or be poor. The causes of water leakage from the bathroom include: -

    - Siphon leakage: the siphon is one of the causes of water leaks, as it works to fill the floors with water, so you must check the siphon if you see water coming out of it or a sound in it, it could happen because of a problem in the inner float of the siphon and it could be because it is poor plastic and may be due to its deviation from Its original location, it can be returned to its place or buy a new float with a good brand to prevent breakage or damage to it from the water.

    - Bath leakage: the bathtub is one of the parts of the bathroom that cause water leaks and lead to leaks in the floors and leaching in the walls. The only treatment for that problem is to break the leaky part and treat it, and the leakage occurs when poor plumbing or incorrect fixtures or making an incorrect cement structure or using poor materials. .

    Clogging of the bathroom basin: The clogging of the basin is one of the biggest problems and factors leading to the occurrence of water leaks, so a leak occurs in that area around the basin, which leads to water filtration in the wall and then in the floors, but the solution to this problem is easy by knowing the location of the leak and seeing the hose of the basin, and if there is a break, it must be changed.

    Methods for detecting bathroom water leaks: First, you must protect the bathroom from leaks by not throwing creams or toothpaste on the floors and cleaning water mixers and faucets every period to time to avoid damage or rust, but it is possible to know as we explained through the sounds of a ambassador or a leak in the walls or a height Water bills, but modern technologies have appeared to solve this problem by knowing the leak easily and quickly and in a short time, preparing the equipment and repairing the leaked part without breaking the whole place and deforming the bathroom.

    Bathroom smuggling: The "nitrogen" gas that is responsible for knowing the sound and location of the leak is detected, as it is one of the modern technologies used in water leaks, so the valves are closed, and nitrogen is made to find out the leak and solve the problem.

    Ways to protect bathroom water leaks: - You can protect by making insulation for bathrooms and the place where there is a lot of water such as the bathtub and basin

    - Choosing well-made materials that are durable and withstand water when flowing and not to corrode and rust in them, and to use good plastic pipes to be good for water, preferably made of polyethylene, as they are one of the best pipes and materials suitable for bathrooms and water and anti-water leaks

    The plumbing must be installed properly, and the level of cement and materials must be correct, so that there is no problem with the evidence and plumbing in the fixtures.


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