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    Question A500 screen flicker and freeze w/apps, camera doesn't focus

    Hello all,

    I purchased a refurbished (or so the description read) A500 from Amazon a while back. After booting it and installing a fee apps like Facebook, 9Gag, Pinterest, etc. I noticed that after about 10-15 minutes of use the screen will cease scrolling and flicker. Whatever app I'm in just stops working and does the freeze and flicker. I have tried a hard reboot, as well as force-stopping the app and going back into it again. The tablet is not rooted, and I did install the enhancement update (if it did anything, I didn't notice) from Google Play. Also, my front-facing camera no longer focuses for a far-sighted shot. I've never dropped the tablet, it's never gotten wet. I keep it in a case. I have a feeling I might have to send it out, but I thought I would try here first before spending the money. When I look for a system update, it tells me my wifi coverage is too poor- even when I'm sitting right next to the router/modem/whatever it is XD any suggestions? I have also disabled all apps I don't use that came with the tablet.

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    You're on ICS, I suspect. Android 4.0 version. The last update from Acer broke the graphics modules in that you get the flicker issue. There's no real alternative other than to live with it and reduce the number of apps running. If you're going to run some graphical extensive app, kill as many programs as you can.

    The Enhancement Update is meant to prep up the tablet for 4.0 update. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Camera really sucks on A500. I suggest you pick up some other third party camera app on the Play Store.


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