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    Certified water leak detection companies

    Certified water leak detection companies

    Najd Corner, a water leak detection company in Riyadh, is one of the approved companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where our company was chosen after undergoing quality tests and for providing water leak detection reports to the client, which are approved reports.

    Water leak detection reports

    One of the most important services that our company provides to customers is the report on the water leak detection service, which is useful for the customer in case the price of the water bill rises. The customer has the right to object to it after making a water leak detection

    Then the workers of our company submit the report on the water leak detection service to the client to be submitted to the National Water Company so that the client can submit it to the competent authorities in order for the rights claim to be made.

    The water leak detection service report that is submitted to the customer includes the following data:

    customer name.
    The customer's water bill account number.
    Customer's water meter number.
    limitation number.
    The number of the area in which the customer is located.
    Record the number of people in the house.
    Customer's home space.
    Finally, he mentioned the presence of water leaks in the house or not.
    The importance of the need to make reports to detect water leaks

    There are many reasons for the need to report on the high water bill, including the following:

    In the event that the water bill exceeds the fixed rate that is paid every month.
    Having a problem with the water meter leads to an increase in the water bill, without paying attention to that problem.
    The problem of water getting off track in the walls.
    The presence of water deviation in the sewer pipes, which leads to water leaks.

    Types of water leaks
    The water leak detection company in Riyadh shows you the different types of water leaks that some people suffer from, and they are three main types as follows:

    Passive water leakage.
    Active infusion of water.
    Underground waterproofing.
    Each type has a different way of working, and it may require treating water leaks and doing some additional work that helps in treatment, which are:

    Treating water leaks in some types requires moving the furniture to another place until the necessary repairs are made, and then returning it back to its place after completing the work.

    It is possible that internal insulation of bathrooms and kitchens may be required as well, as these are the places where water leaks most often occur.

    Water leaks, especially on the walls, may lead to the necessary need for the house to be renovated, because water leaks may damage buildings and lead to their collapse, so homes in this case need restoration to remedy the matter.
    Najd Corner Company provides you with all the services you need to preserve the house from water leaks. The company has the services surrounding the process of detecting water leaks.

    How are different water leaks detected?
    In Najd Corner Company, we detect all different water leaks through modern devices that contain advanced technologies in detecting water leaks, and the method of detecting different types of water leaks are as follows:

    Detection of passive water leakage

    There are some devices that are used to detect water leaks, and these devices operate on batteries, and therefore, to start work, they must be charged in advance.
    These devices are placed in places around which there is a suspicion that there are water leaks.
    The idea of ​​these devices depends on sensing places of moisture, and it also contains an accompanying alarm device that helps in alerting the presence of water leaks, thus detecting water leaks and starting to take the appropriate solution according to the problem and its location.

    Active water leak detection

    There are some devices that are specifically designed to detect sound and movement of water leaks.
    These devices detect where the water is flowing.
    These tools help repair water leaks by stopping the flow of the main water supply that is causing the leaks.

    Underground water leak detection

    We detect underground leaks using highly advanced devices to detect leaks through sound.
    The idea of ​​these devices is to detect all underground water leaks using polished microphones.
    These tools and devices help detect water leaks in hard-to-reach places.
    It is possible to detect water leaks in Riyadh that are located behind pipes, basins and washbasins that are not easily accessible, and from here it is easy to treat leaks.
    The water leak detection device is used by nitrogen pressure, the hidden pipes are followed by following the vibration of the device.
    Water leakage can be detected and identified when the device's vibrations are high, and also depends on the experience of the qualified staff to detect water leaks from our company.

    What are the steps taken by the employees of a water leak detection company in Riyadh?
    After communicating with a water leak detection company in Riyadh, the specialists set a date to start.

    After that, a group of workers and engineers will arrive at the appointed place and time.
    The process of detecting water leaks begins with the use of modern devices that determine the places of various water leaks without causing damage or the need for cracking and causing damage to the place.
    After identifying the locations of water leaks, and knowing the main cause, the specialists from our company's employment begin to make the necessary repairs to treat the problem of water leaks.
    The repairs that have been made are tested to ensure that there are no leaks, before leaving the premises.
    Our company provides a thermal or water insulation service after completing the repairs and ensuring that the problem of water leaks is over.
    Insulation works to keep the walls from moisture, which leads to cracks in the walls, and eventually the collapse of buildings.
    Translated from:
    شركة اصلاح تسربات المياة
    جهاز كشف تسربات المياة بالرياض


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