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    Acer A510 and Toshiba Excite review / comparison

    Background with tablets (FWIW): Owned Thrive since launch (sold it a few weeks ago) and currently have an iPad 3 wifi 64gb, Acer A510 32gb and Excite 16gb. Now choosing between the A510 and Excite- one will go back to Best Buy. I have previously done a brief review, but based only a few hours of Excite use at the time.

    Build: A510 is nice, but the Excite has the edge as far as overall build.

    Display: My Excite has 28 light bleed points going all the way around the borders. You do not notice when there is a lot of ambient light, but when darker, it stands out and reminds me of the cheap LCD TV's you can buy. The display color quality is very good with good viewing angles, but IMO the A510 is better due to more contrast and zero light bleed.

    Touch response: After using both devices for some time, the Excite has better touch respone, regardless of setting used on the A510. This REALLY stands out when using virtual pads with game emulators. The Excite is as good as the iPad 3 (very good).

    Sound: Both have very good and full sound for tablets and better than a few laptop brands. The problem is the location of the speakers on both tablets.

    Ports: Very nice to have the full sd card slot on the Excite and I am using a 128gb formatted to exFAT. The problem is the file management system I will touch on later. Seems a tie with the A510, since the A510 powers and works with 1TB NTSF usb drives.

    Performance: Per benchmarks, the Excite is 13% better than the A510. The A510 does not have a performance adustment like the balanced option on the Excite. If I turn balanced mode on the Excite, it is the same speed as the A510. Regardless of setting, they seem the same functional speed to me (both are great).

    File management: Acer is unmatched in a good way, but like the Thrive, the Excite has the same file problems after testing with 32gb, 64gb and 128gb cards-

    1) Can not work with NTSF.
    2) FAT32 is the fastet read performer option, but does NOT allow writing with any third party apps.
    3) exFAT does allow writing with third party apps, but is SLOWER than FAT32. Seems about half the speed with exFAT, just like the Thrive.

    Battery life: The A510 easily lasts three hours longer.

    Heat: The Excite barely gets warm with heavy use, but due to the giant battery in the A510, the heat is piped to the right side so the A510 can get very warm to hot on the right side. The amazing battery life comes at a price and the iPad 3 does not get anywhere near the heat (iPad 3 is also known to get warm on the right side).


    Both can trickle charge with usb sources, but the Excite needs the proprietary connector.

    I think the A510 might be set by default to a "balanced mode" for performance due to the big battery forcing all the heat on the right. Perhaps it would get too hot if not set this way. I only speculate since the Excite is the same speed as the A510 when balanced mode is turned on, but about 13% better when turned off.

    Conclusion (not really):

    I am still not sure which to keep, since the best option between the two tablets is in between:

    Good for the A510 = Loooong battery life, better overall display, better file management drivers, powers USB hard drives, 16gb more internal and super easy to root.

    Good for the Excite = Better touch response, SD card slot, MUCH better heat displacement

    Were it not for the heat on the A510, IMO, the A510 is the better overall device since same price. Heck, I might end up returning them both, since the killers is A510 heat and the Excites weak file drivers, plus bad light bleed.

    My iTunes reliant iPad 3 laughs as a spectator I like having both platforms and prefer Android if stuck to one.
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    Nice review!
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